Who is Ravensong

me 6-7-16 face 2000Who am I?  Who is ‘Ravensong’? Basic data will tell you that I am a woman of a certain age, birthed in Philadelphia, the single child of troubled parents. Scandinavian, Celtic and Haudenosaunee heritage; 5’4″ tall, silver-streaked hair, blue-gray eyes. Married once, no children; no dedicated career, no college or university degrees. No siblings, no family – they’ve all passed on. Those are the facts, the statistics. But they are not who I am.

I am, more fully, a pilgrim. A note scribbling, camera-clicking pilgrim. A traveler through life and an explorer of people. I have found life to be an incredible gift … one that is to be gently unwrapped and savoured.  Each breath an offering, and each sunrise an honor. Every conversation a lesson, every sunset a benediction.

I love the stars, the earth, the seas, the forests, the mountains. I am fascinated by everything that lives and breathes. I love to dance in the wind and the rain. The grass and mosses tickle my feet, the soil beneath them fills my nostrils with joy. The creatures of the land speak to my heart, and the ravens sing to my spirit.

I’m afraid the rest of ‘who I am’ would take a book – or two – to fill … my life has been a series of journeys & challenges, moving more times than I can count, and always finding myself standing just a bit outside of the playground where most people play. But that is something that will have to wait for another day, as for now I have many miles to go before I sleep….

3 thoughts on “Who is Ravensong

    • Bruce, I very much look forward to meeting you and Carol. And I have no doubt I will enjoy your mountain lifestyle. You’re biggest challenge may be in getting me to leave!

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