The Returning…

“Coming home … all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen.” ~ John Le Carre


And indeed it is true. Welcome to “Part II” of this Ride – the return home. The sunrise, the dawning of a new day, a new life. And a new look to the blog. While the actual Ride – the 23 month sojourn across the country – is over, a new and very different kind of journey now begins. It is one that is quite different than I’d expected. And often quite surprising … many times I find myself literally “laughing out loud” or stopping to wipe away a tear. Emotions, feelings, convictions have changed. Here you’ll read about those changes and others: The many habits that made sense for (and on) the Ride that no longer do; moments that give me pause for thought as I work to rebuild my life here once again; the times when I’ve felt as if floating somewhere in a void … what was is no longer, yet what is to come has only begun to unfold. So many changes, but so much also remains unaltered. I am not the same person as when I left two years ago, and yet I am more fully myself. Yes, the sweet dichotomy of Life.

So with that brief introduction, I give you the Ride’s “new” blog … a journey into a new life. A new adventure, a new “Ride” of sorts – complete with all of the questions, the moments of hesitation and the days of excitement, the joys and the laughter. The hopes and memories. And perhaps a few tears in-between. The surviving of it all. You’ll find all of the old posts from the Journey/Ride itself on a separate page now – “The Ride: April 2015 – May 2017” (tab on the menu at top of page) – and you’ll see the a different banner photo from the those years every time you visit, so be sure to check back often. And don’t forget to sign up to follow me by email. You’ll find that link at the bottom of the page … it’s a good way to keep up to date with what is happening, and WordPress will only send you a single notification when I post – no other junkmail.

Thank you – ALL – once again for following along with me, both on The Ride, and now, as this new adventure begins. It has truly been an honor and a delight to have you riding shotgun, and I look forward to all that lies ahead. You know, we’re given our dreams for a reason … not to torture us, but to show us what IS possible, and we’re given the talents to make it all happen. Life is a beautiful and gracious gift, and one that is meant to be unwrapped, enjoyed, and used up. As my Father would say, “Make it so, sweetheart, make it so….”  And so I shall.


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