Bringing Angela Home

“I came to understand the most intriguing irony of life, that the most intimate partner of life is death.” ~ Neena Verma


The ironies of life, the cycles of life. Indeed so very ironic that as I pack, preparing to return to the place that started “The Ride” … finally closing the almost two-year voyage that began on the heels of a tragic fatal bus accident … I get a message telling me that all who were riding on that bus are to once again be deposed or subpoenaed for testimony. I have carried Angela’s photo with me for 22 months, and I have never once forgotten that it was that moment when our eyes locked and our hands held tight as she slipped into the next journey, the next dimension in time, that changed my life forever. And today as I spoke with the attorney over the phone, answering his questions and describing in vivid detail every minute, every second, of that morning once again, I choked back tears repeatedly. Though I have done this journey – this Ride of a lifetime – for myself, in many ways I also felt that I did it for her, too. I took her with me every step of the way … every stop, every vista and view were in some ethereal way for Angela. We made new friends together, sampled new foods, and saw new places and sights we never would have, if not for each other. I felt her spirit by my side many times, even “chatting” with her on occasion. Someone said to me recently that perhaps the reason I feel a need to return to NY now is to take her home. And now tonight, as I look to where her picture sits on my dresser, I think my friend was right … it is time. Just as the beginning of this journey was not just about me, it is only fitting that it be so, too, in the end. Yes, it is time to close the circle and bring Angela back home…


2 thoughts on “Bringing Angela Home

  1. You have taken Angela (and all of us) on an important spiritual, enlightening, fulfilling, and beautiful journey. Now it is time to close the circle as both of you return to the beginning spot … to home. Blessings to you for all you’ve done and for all you are.


    • Deb, thank you so very much. Truly, it has been my pleasure and absolutely my delight to have done this journey. It was a gift beyond measure, and the friendships I have made along the way – such as yours here – doubled that gift. I am blessed. Thank you once again.


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