The Process….

“We are no longer frightened children trying to find our way in the dark. We are adventurous souls, creating magical paths, taking risks, sometimes falling short, and still bravely stepping into the unknown with a sense of hope and purpose surrounded by love and light.” (unknown)


Almost two years ago, I used this quote when I first wrote on Facebook about laying the groundwork for what became known as “The Ride.” And now, as I prepare for the journey back to NY State, I find it is yet still so very appropriate. Soon, all I own will once again be piled into the little Silver Backpack, my sweet workhorse of a Subaru, and I will find myself stepping into a state of déjà vu as I back out of a driveway and begin another journey. The trip itself will take a couple of weeks, as I have a few short stays with old and new friends scheduled, and it will again take me to places I’ve never been. I confess, I did not think I would return east … I thought perhaps I’d stay somewhere in theimg_2309-shadow-in-the-desert-copy west; and I confess there is much about this land of endless sky, jagged peaks and smooth red rock, pinyon and sage and juniper that I will miss … but recent events tell me I am to go home. I return not the same person I was when I left – I am not even as I was just a few months ago. And sometimes I catch myself asking: Was all a dream? Like the ‘Ride’ and life itself, so much is unknown … where I’ll “land”, or live, and what I’ll do for work, I have no idea. It will be – like the original journey – a passage in faith. But is not all of Life so? Do any one of us know what the next moment will bring? One of the many things I have learned on my travels is that we are all truly brave in our own way … we all step courageously into each new day, breathing life into our dreams and hopes. Without a doubt, this is what our lives are about … journeying with love as our guide, trusting the heart of our creation to accompany us into the newness of tomorrow. February, in many ancient indigenous cultures worldwide, is joyously celebrated as the beginning of spring … the renewal of the earth and the life that comes forth from it. And so, as I begin the process once again of rebirthing to a new journey, I say simply: May it be so. May it indeed be so.


6 thoughts on “The Process….

  1. I use the expression “where I will land” when change is in the air for me. Like a leaf being picked up on a gust of wind, spinning, twirling, swooping, and diving, until it peacefully lands.


    • At this time my heart calls me back east, Dave – several things give rise to it, as my last posts spoke to. Who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps one day I’ll return west. That is not for me to know right now, though. As for birds … I saw a few new-to-me ones, though I was surprised that I saw less than expected, and there were several I know from the east that are not here. No, did not keep track, aside from photos and the joy they leave in my heart. 🙂


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