Thank you…

Yes, I still have so much more to write – and I will do so – but with just one more stop to go, this particular journey is coming to a close soon and I want to take a brief moment to thank all of you who helped to make it possible – both through your generous donations as well as those who opened their hearts & homes to me. I am grateful beyond what words could ever say. It has been a most incredible journey, an awesome year, and a Ride I will never forget or regret. I would encourage everyone who has a dream – no matter what that dream is – to go for it with all your heart. We’re given those dreams for a reason … they are a gift, and intended to be opened and used. Do it, as Nike would say. Just do it.

Peace and many blessings to all. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Collage for posting about Ride 5-6-16


4 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Catherine, Thank YOU for letting all of us live this incredible ride with you! Your pictures, are National Geographic-worthy and have been delightful in every way. If this ever turns into a book, this will perhaps be Chapter 1. In which case, I can’t wait to see what comes next! You are a gifted writer and photographer. Don’t stop doing what you do so well no matter what else you must do! And, keep in touch! Whether we are still in Missouri or somewhere else in your path, our door is always open and we will welcome you. Until then, please take care of yourself and stay in touch. Judy Clark


    • Judy! Thank you! It’s such a treat to hear from you and it would be a delight to see you again one day … whether in Missouri or elsewhere. I hope all is well with you, and life finds you still smiling. Many good memories of your kindness many years ago still linger in my mind. Thank you once again … for then, now, and the future. Take care. 🙂


    • Hi Ray,

      It wasn’t that I “felt differently”, but rather that due to some very sudden changes (one of those challenges I’ve mentioned), I wasn’t able to swing by your area at the time. Organizing 50 stops around everyone’s work, vacations, trips, kids, etc., was a HUGE challenge in itself – and then went some things suddenly got changed by others, I had to make it work as best as possible. You weren’t the only one who got “bumped”, sadly. There were probably about a half-dozen others that got switched around or that I couldn’t get to, as well. Hopefully one day down the road, I’ll have the opportunity to visit Missouri and see you & Karen!

      Take care and best of everything to you.
      Catherine ~

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