Much more to come!

Hi all!  My apology, as I’ve not had the time in recent months to write as I would have liked to.  Partly because I’ve been renting Double Arches 1a place in New Mexico since early November (so no stops to write about), but also because I’ve been busy keeping everyone up-to-date on the little excursions to various nearby sites and such via Facebook.  I try to keep the blog for the wonderful stories I hear, and the challenges faced as I make this journey … the longer writs.  My hope is that once I get Canyonlands tower 1 - HDRback on the road at the end of this month (yay!!), I’ll have many more tales to share with you – but right now, I truly encourage you to take a look at the Ride’s Facebook page, as I update that routinely – posting what has grown to become hundreds of photos and short writs about each stop along the way, as well as all that I’ve seen and experienced over the winter here in Santa Fe … including amazing treks to some of the most beautiful spots in this country.  You’ll find pictures and comments from outings to incredible places such as Arches National Park and the Canyonlands in Utah, drives to nearby sites of ancient petroglyphs and the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, as well as from meanders to town and the artists I meet, plus daily Raven artist with sculpture - SF - 2-10-16walks along a rock-strewn arroyo … and many photos sure to come from a night in Taos Cello player in parkset for next week!



If you haven’t checked it out – or taken a look recently – you are missing a lot!  Give it a look … I think you might be glad you did.  And don’t forget me here, either … I will be back soon with more stories of the the people I meet along the road on Ravensong’s Ride.

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2 thoughts on “Much more to come!

    • No doubt, Susan. Unfortunately, this trip won’t be taking me into AZ. Once I leave here, I’ll first be heading back to TX, OK and CO before heading up to northern UT. Then on to WA, OR and CA before calling it a day. But one never knows … I’m sure that one day in the future, my meanders will take me to AZ. Still so much of this wonderful and amazing world yet to see, and people to meet.


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