So Far ….

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but remember there are more updates on the Ride’s Facebook page, so be sure to check there, as well.  I am working on another piece for you about a dear friend of mine who I stayed with in Oklahoma and her daughter, Angela, who is a Rett Girl: A beautiful young woman with a so-called “disability”, but one who has gifted her mother – and all those who meet her – in a thousand wonderful ways.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for her courageous story.

This morning, though, I found myself playing with a map app … noting all of the places where this Ride has taken me so far. It has indeed been quite the meander, and I’ve met so many wonderful people – new and old friends, alike.  And it’s not over yet … there are many more stops coming up in at least 6 additional states (plus two I’m revisiting with new destinations), after I head out of Santa Fe in March.  But until then, I thought you might enjoy a gander at where the little Silver Backpack & I have traveled to or through, and where I’ve laid my head, since leaving the hills and lakes of Upstate NY just 7 months ago…

Eldred, PARide's stops as of 1-6-16 framed
Mansfield, PA
Middleburgh, NY
Irvington, NY
Coventry, CT
Derry, NH
Montpelier, VT
Paul Smith’s, NY
Saranac Lake, NY
Ovid, NY
Clarence Ctr, NY
Hamburg, NY
Mentor, OH
Lansing, MI
Crystal Lake, IL
Centerville, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Selinsgrove, PA
Winchester, VA
Columbia, MD
Pittsboro, NC
Ashville, NC
Glade Spring, VA
Travelers Rest, SC
Marietta, GA
Starksville, MS
League City, TX
Canyon Lake, TX
Sparks, OK
Dumas, TX
Ft. Garland, CO
Santa Fe, NM


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