More to Come!

Oh, I’ve been a bit remiss as of late, I know, I know. My apology. Many miles have been traveled since I last posted back in mid-September … 5 states, a half-dozen families met, lots of laughs laughed, a few challenges faced, hundreds of hugs given and received. Subway rides, museum and mountain ventures, long drives, new accents and foods, blossoms in October, warm nights and crickets still chirping. Cats and birds … and a llama. Lots to share. But right now I must pour over my maps,sandia road  connect the dots and arrange the road and stops westward toward Santa Fe NM, where I’ll be spending the winter months. There is much to say – not only about the people and places along the journey, but about the journey itself… and what has become of the person who began this trek four months ago. And, there are many stops yet to come. Santa Fe will bring chilly months during which I can – and will – write … catching you all up on where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. As well as to share some insights … and what promises to be a bit of a revelation to many who know me. All very soon to come, I assure you.

But, for now, I have to get back to my calendar and maps. I will be back soon…

(don’t forget, there is more on The Ride’s Facebook page.  Short snippets & lots of photos … a travelogue … of the journey along the way!)


2 thoughts on “More to Come!

  1. Still trying to catch up. We’ve been up in the Adirondacks much of the time since 9/15. Home most of the past week to catch up on personal business, final gardening and repacking the camper for a final? trip to PA. Never been to Santa Fe, but we loved Albuquerque when we stopped on the way to and from the Grand Canyon in November, 2007.
    Best Wishes.

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    • Thanks so much, Dave. The good wishes are always very much appreciated. I’ve been through Albuquerque, but not to SF, as well. Looking forward to it … and the adventures beyond! 🙂


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