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When I started this journey, I had many goals in mind … various ideas, thoughts and dreams of what I hoped would happen.   The last dozen years or so had been very difficult … broken relationships, moves for jobs that didn’t fit or were the “worst-of-the-worst” – landing me in places I didn’t like or want to be. I’d even found myself homeless for a short time, following the abrupt dissolution of yet another job. Though I’d found a solid internal grounding, the battle had left me drained and feeling far from the “me” I knew only a handful of years before. One of the goals I envisioned was to see if it was possible to return to that person … the girl who believed in the goodness of people and danced with the innocence of discovery. The time spent last week among the soft Adirondack pines & majestic rocky peaks brought it all back to me, once again. It is said there is a healing spirit there, and of that I have no doubt … not only is it the mountain air – which gave birth to hundreds of tuberculosis sanatoriums years ago – but also the people … the loving, giving spirit of the people who call that area home.

A turn of events had me surprising my hostess by arriving birch - Saranac Lake 7-29-15several days early … and was promptly invited to her college class reunion: A class reunion among people I’d never met, at a school I’d never gone to, and was given a bed in a dormitory room with a couple of her college mates … while she went home that night. I was welcomed with open arms, given food and drink; I danced and laughed into the late hours with classmates; I was taught the history of the college, happily taken on tours and given directions of where to walk the trails and sit by the lakes. The next morning, a classmate offered a private room in her home, meals, laundry, conversation, nights of quiet time and a fluffy cat who slept at my side, so reminding me of my late Annabelle.

A few days later it was time to leave, and as I hugged both Martha, and Mel, I knew I’d begun to find the healing I so sorely needed. That afternoon I drove 125 miles to the far western edge of the Adirondacks to spend one final night alone in a cabin among those beloved mountains and pines. And now, as I head for a stop where I last felt that innocence, my heart soars and my eyes fill with tears … it has indeed returned.

young buck - Forestport - July 31, 2015


4 thoughts on “Healing…

  1. Life is a journey. Often our paths are tried and worn; then again, we create our own paths and our footprints are the only prints to be seen. On another day someone will find your footprints and will follow you and this journey.


  2. You are such an inspiration to me. I close my eyes and picture myself in those mountains (which I also love), drawing new life in your words. There are many lessons still to be learned by all of us. So glad to be sharing this journey with you!

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