Coming soon….

Ah yes, I  know I’ve been a bit remiss as of late, but I promise new posts are coming very soon! Many stories to share and lots to catch up from this last week’s meanders that took me from CT to NH to VT, and now to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of NY State. Stories of hope, stories of laughter & new friendships, stories of dancing into the wee hours of the morning, and stories of challenge & joy. Carriage rides & canoe paddling, museum visits, trail and mountain meanderings, fascinating people and lovely conversations long into the night. Hang tight, everyone … hope to spend some time writing in the next few days, and post should be on their way here soon.

But, I admit, it is so very hard to stay inside and write when the lovely song of Life says come, play a while….

VT toward White Mts.


4 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. Ah yes, my old stomping ground. I loved that view driving north on 93, especially in the summer. You can see “old blue” (or so my father named it) the mountain range that looks like a dog lying on the ground. (mountain range to the far right in your photo that includes Mt. Lafayette). Can’t wait to read more stories of your adventures.

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    • So good to see you here, Meghan! Wishing you were on Facebook … have managed to post little snippets along the way … just haven’t had time to write the longer posts for the blog. So hoped to be able to stop by your folk’s place, but unfortunately I left sooner than I’d anticipated. Life is good … hope all is well with you! Please say hello to everyone for me. 🙂


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