Horsing Around…

“Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world.”
~ Josephine Demott Robinson

My car is in the shop … again. Oh, the challenges of undertaking a long cross-country journey in an old Subaru. A new a/c compressor and alternator. Such is life … years fly by as though compressed into days, and our travels are often filled with alternate routes. And sometimes they are gifts in disguise.

Heading home - Bruce and Mara - 7-16-15Though my hosts in CT are happy to chauffeur me anywhere I’d like to go – particularly back & forth to the auto repair shop – this morning allowed time for meeting new friends and taking a stroll, carrots in hand, to say hello to a couple of amicable neighbors … Patty and Luigi. Patty the pony and Luigi the burro. Bruce, one of my delightful hosts, held the hand of Tessa and I held tight to Mara’s as we ambled up the street past houses and trees and then up around the bend … the girls soon squealing with delight as we spied the reason for our excursion.Bruce mouth feeding horse 7-16-15

A reason to smile and share a sunny laugh are always welcome, and visual step-by-step instructions of how to ‘properly’ feed a horse did the trick for all of us … Patty included, giving a snort and a whinny of approval. The girls quickly lost their nervous jitters and ventured closer and closer … soon clumps of grass were offered both from a very fashionable feeding trough, and from tiny fingers. Tessa hat feeding horse Patty - 7-16-15As for me, my heart fell hard for Luigi, his soft eyes gazing into mine and his scruffy head nuzzling my face as I bent to scratch his oh-so-sweet and soft nose.

All too soon the carrots were gone, and we made our way home … girls ready and eager to be off for an afternoon at the beach, and I looking forward to a good book and some time in the sun. Tomorrow takes us to the Pequot Museum & Research Center … and hopefully a final ride to the auto repair shop.Luigi #2 - love this one - 7-16-15


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