The Hudson to Hummers

Sunset on the Hudson brought a warm glow to my last night in Irvington NY … and a hummingbird danced his hello greeting shortly after I arrived in Coventry, CT, the next day. It seems like summer has finally arrived in the northeast … crickets chirping, bullfrogs grubitting, fireflies lighting up the woods and pines.

The week in Irvington closed out with a wonderfully sherbet colored sunset … the rest of the week having been hazy and Sunset on the Hudsongray … and it seemed like such a delightful adieu. Meandering along the Hudson, tall sails and bridges in the distance, it allowed me time to reflect on a week full of stories of lives lived. Both mine and my hostess. It is only natural to see life from within our own – somewhat narrow – perspective, and part of this journey is to stretch the boundaries and learn about other lives … how we’ve coped, the roads we’ve traveled, the heartbreaks & joys. To share stories.  And so I did, spending long evenings, listening to a woman of 73 speak of art and travels to Greece & Ireland; and talking into the wee hours of the night about boyfriends and family and children & giggling grandchildren.  Hudson sails

Jacqui is an artist – working in metal – creating some of the finest jewelry and artistic pieces I’ve ever seen. To sit in her home among them, listening to the stories of how they came to be was indeed a gift. It was a week spent walking along the Hudson; and then down trails through lush estates, past sheep grazing in the thousand acre fields and sunbathing dragonflies; along a many mile aqueduct, by houses with tennis courts in front and Dragonfly take off - Rockefeller Park - 7-10-15more rooms in the poolhouse than all the rooms in all the houses I’ve ever owned. Incredible gardens and picket fences, Italian deli’s and organic markets … Irvington truly is a vibrant and quintessential piece of NY. And beautifully suited to a wonderful artist named Jacqui.

*********toes-boots in sand Ft Trumbull Beach Milford CT 7-12-15

Sunday morning, I moved on, now in Connecticut. Having lived in rural Upstate NY for the last 13 years, I admit, city traffic was daunting, and a quick stop to cool my feet in the Long Island Sound at Milford was a much needed break. It’s been decades since I’ve enjoyed the warm damp scent of the ocean and felt the sand squish between wet toes. Technically Ft. Trumbull Beach is an estuary, but the waters come from the Atlantic, and my heart knows no difference. A cold and sweet ice cream sandwich, a chat with a new friend along the beach, and then the ocean breeze told me it was time to get back on the road.

A few hours after I left NY, I found my way to Covington. Tired but happy, a wonderfully warm hug from a friend I haven’t seen in 40 years, an icy drink, fresh strawberries and a deck facing the woods made me feel at home. And then the hummingbirds came, dancing their hello …

Life is good. Moments meant to be cherished and savored. Lessons to be learned, dances to be danced, tears to be cried, hearts to be held. A fractional sharp sweetness in this journey of ours.

“Hummingbird stay for a fractional sharp sweetness, and’s gone…” – Denise Levertovhummingbird #1 -7-12-15


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