Moving on

This morning I head out to stop #2 … four days at another good friend near Wellsboro PA. I could not think of a more perfect way to launch a journey such as I am on than spending a couple of weeks with friends, allowing for a gentle transition from the hustle & bustle, and the demands that come from the pressures of career and living a “normal” life, to all that is yet to come. Enjoying quiet moments in the country and among the megalithic rocks of eons past, these last ten days have been a wonderful time of sharing and growing … learning things not only about my friend, but about myself. About the differences between people, and about the things we dare not show the world, as well as the things we often keep hidden from ourselves. This stop grew to become about so much more than simply baking shellacks or cookies, or learning how to hold a pastry bag or clean deep fryers, but also about adding bright new colors to the Crayola box of my life … and perhaps to my wardrobe, as well. We giggled, we swore, we hugged, we shed tears. We drank wine, and milk & cookies. We talked about the past and about the future. I met a myriad of people, and heard stories that broke my heart and made me cry. I made new friends and was lavishly slurped upon by an 85 lb exuberant bundle of love & muscle, whose looking out at Rock Citysweet heart was made crystal clear by a warm head buried in my chest every night. Those ten days deepened a friendship already there, adding warm new layers of living and laughter. Each one, truly a gift to carry with me as I go.  

And so, in a few ours I will be on my way a few hours east. I’ll meander the roads and dodge the raindrops on my way, and then knock on the door of another house I will call home for a few days before beginning the Journey to unknown territory. A home, both here and at all the stops yet to come, where I will continue the journey of looking out to all there is to discover. Looking to the exploration … of life, of people, of myself. The road continues.  

“Friendship isn’t a big thing — it’s a million little things.” ~ Unknown


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