The Journey before the Journey

“Just when you thought you had reached the end of the road and you can go no further – you realize you’ve arrived at the beginning of the dream you’ve always wanted to live – as an ocean of opportunities opens up in front of you.”  ~ Dr Jeff Mullan

There is a journey that comes before one can step over the threshold to a new world, and it, in itself, presents many challenges and moments that give one pause for thought.  The mobile has been sold … one week, two interested parties, and a conclusion to the bidding late in the same day.  Now the 1st journey begins … steering through waves of memories, tacking canvas blown hard by winds of time past. Remembering, smiling, blinking back tears.  And smiling more.

Though I’ve always lived a rather minimalist lifestyle, and have never been one to decorate my home with innumerable collections of whatnots and wherefores, I am nonetheless still finding there is an amazing amount of little things that were stashed here & there.  Dozens of pens, standing stalwart in the Chamber of Commerce cup at my desk, just waiting to be used.  The cup itself, a memory of a favorite place I lived.  The handwindchimesmade clay wind-chimes singing their curiously different jingle in the breeze, purchased at a local festival when I first moved to NY.  The heavy brocade cape found at a Celtic fair, bringing back memories of a handsome fiancé and my heartbreaking departure … but also delightful fantasies of meandering ancient Scottish castles and highlands.  The vinyl placemat where so many furry friends found their daily meals throughout the years … now worn and dusty, sends sweet tears to my eyes and heart.  And the hundreds of papers needing shredded, many yellowed and frail.  Each one sailing through seas of remembrances as the high whine of the hungry shredder lets me know it has finished its task.

Six boxes of books to the local library.
Eight bags of clothes, shoes, purses to a church nearby.
Towels and bedding to a charity. Along with reams of copy paper, binders, labels and dozens of office items.
10 lbs of dried beans to a co-worker.
Computer sold to a friend.
Collectable books auctioned.
Lamps given to a friend.
Space-heater to another.
Craigslist advertises snowshoes, winter coats, and office items.
Bags upon bags of shredded document are recycled, as are shoe boxes, paper bags and file folders.

Bookshelves now sit empty, most of the walls are bare, and my closets have space that would happily welcome dozens of filled hangers.  To reduce 60 years of one’s life to what will fit into a Subaru Forester … and still leave room for the sleeping bag and tent … is a challenge and a journey that takes my heart back through many old roads and memories, and yet, when the pieces are all shredded and the auctions close, there is a sense of freedom and aliveness beyond words.   A song of liberation, and a melody the wind-chimes in my heart will always know.

Let the Journey begin.


One thought on “The Journey before the Journey

  1. Our son’s wedding is May 23rd and family is in town for the week following. That time would not be good for you to visit. Other than that, we don’t have full commitments on things. We are always purchasing concert tickets, symphony tickets, don’t do movies, watch them at home. Pat will visit in July some time, so our only bed will be occupied then, but if you overlap, the backyard would be okay for camping. That’s all for now. Think you are working for two more months. Advance notice is appreciated. We are close off of I 84, 20 minutes outside of Hartford, CT. Love, Karen


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